After School Program: Gadgeteers – STEAM Mash


Classes available:

  • After School at your school!

ElementarySched7Finding it hard to decide? Start with our STEAM Mash-up classes where students get the best of all the STEAM worlds! This class has all the building, testing, exploding and  messy fun of all our classes combined – science, technology, engineering, art, math & maker. Each week this class will use the engineering process or scientific method to explore centrifugal and centripetal force with art, tension and angles with catapults, designing safety features with crash test cars (and hoping that your driver survives!) as well as chemistry, forensics and biology and what’s science without creating some explosions (because that’s just fun!). This class is designed to bring out the inner curiosity of all students.

Session 1 and 2: science-child

Session 1: 26 Sep 15 – 14 Nov 15

Session 2: 24 Oct 15 – 12 Dec 15