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After School STEAM Programs

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About Our Summer Camps

Are you looking for some fun, engaging activities for your child to participate in over Summer, Thanksgiving and Spring breaks? We have an awesome selection of camps available for your children to participate. Fun, Innovative, Creative, Educational and Confidence Building. We have provided a description of some of our past camps below.

Summer Camp Descriptions

Online Arduino Engineering & Coding Camp: (Ages 10+)

In this Arduino camp, dive into programming and engineering using the Arduino microcontroller. This electrical engineering camp is great for someone interested in learning to code and has a interest in electrical engineering. You will design your own electrical circuits and sensors, and learn about programming them using the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

This camp requires no previous robotics experience. Each student will be provided their own Arduino, electrical components, and computer.

All campers will be shipped an Arduino kit with the UNO R3 circuit board and all supplies needed before camp begins. All campers will keep this kit. All shipping and kits are included in camp fee.

Campers learn to:

  • The Engineering design process
  • The Arduino board (hardware) and the Arduino IDE (software)
  • Build electrical circuits using Arduino & electrical engineering
  • The basics of computer science
  • The difference between analog and digital electrical circuits, and how to bridge them
  • Students write code for the Arduino to control electrical circuits in the physical world
  • Rapid prototyping using the Arduino microcontroller (UNO R3)
  • Design and understand embedded systems
  • Coding in the Arduino Programming Language
  • Basic STEM skills
  • Apply the fundamentals of STEM to engineering concepts

    Online Java Game Coding: (Ages 9+)

    Campers will learn about project design, object-oriented programming, console applications, graphics applications and many elements of the Java language.

    Campers will learn to use processing commands to understand the basics of programming and coding, then create their own cool game! This camp is a perfect introduction for anyone who wants to learn the basics of graphics, animation and controls in 2-D games. Learn how much fun JavaScript can be AND the is the code used by many game developers, designers and artists!

    No prior coding experience necessary!

    In this camp, you will:

    • Use programming logic to create game mechanics
    • Build game applications from beginning to end

    Online STEM Engineering Camp: (Ages 7+)

    Engineering STEM-kits will be shipped to all campers prior to camp! This kit will have everything that is needed (even notebooks and pencils!).

    Students will discover the engineering design process as well as the scientific method to create and explore how things work, and of course – make really cool stuff!

    Discover the fun of hydraulics of making battling robots, robot arms, learning how simple machines work with building a pneumatic machine,  and get to know some new classmates within a class of only 10! These are just a few of the  hands-on projects students cover throughout the workshop.

    You’ll be amazed at how excited and innovative students are when they are allowed to build, experiment, and test their own ideas.

    Beginner through Advanced Students

    Our online STEM summer camps are designed to accommodate a wide skill range, challenging the most advanced students, while encouraging beginners to take that first step into the field. We achieve this through hiring instructors who are tech savvy, and a technology curriculum that is adjustable for all skill levels. In addition, we limit all online camps to 8-10 campers.


    Bascule Bridge

    • Build a bascule bridge (bridges that lift up to provide clearance for boat traffic) using the power of hydraulics. 


    • Create a pneumatic or hydraulic-powered robot arm and customize its function so that it can pick up items (because we are lazy!)

    Battling Judo Robot 

    • Build hydraulic-powered robots that can sumo with each other. The mission – to build JudoBots that can flip their opponent over or knock them outside of a starting square.

    Operation Game

    • Learn about electronics by creating a simple circuit with LED lights to make a customized version of the classic board game, Operation. 


    • Like art and feel like you can’t draw? We have just the answer for you! Create a robot that can draw for you! Build a robot powered by a small electric motor that creates spiral graphs of art.

    Matchbox Car 

    • Build and customize your own electric toy car that runs using a small motor.

    Streetlight Cityscape 

    • Create a miniature cityscape for your matchbox car and light it up with a small circuit of LED lights. 

    Mouse Trap Cars

    • What do mouse traps and cars have in common? We don’t know either but what we do know is that it can help you power and move a car! Design and build a mouse trap powered car that can go as far and fast as possible. 

    Mini Drones

    • Who doesn’t love drones! You are going to use the engineering process and design and create a simple miniature drone that can actually hover using a motor and propellers!

    Working Clocks 

    • Ever wondered how gears work? Design and create your very own working clock that will help you learn time! You’ll never be late for school ever again!

    Lights & Lampshades 

    • Why not create a super cool light that you have created from your very own design? Will it be inspired by Fortnite? Minecraft? Mario Kart? The sky’s the limit and let your imagination run free!