After School Program: Innovative Art

Innovative Art

Classes available:

  • Wednesdays – 4pm-6pm


In these “off the canvas” classes we bring art to life by taking a step beyond just painting on canvas! Come along and explore groundbreaking, quirky artists and discover that art is so much more than just paint. This class is where science and engineering collide with art. Discover the world of kinetic art (art that moves using pulley systems), architecture, and light up art using circuits and lemon juice – just to scratch the surface! This program leads you on an adventure and explosions of fun as students get to let their inner artist run free.

This class is about exploring the engineering process and integrating a deeper knowledge of science into the arts. This class just isn’t for girls. Boys are highly encouraged to discover the world of science and engineering and how it all relates to art and creativity.

Session 1 and 2: Art using engineering.

Session 1 and 2: Art using engineering!!camp2

Session 1: 23 Sep 15 – 11 Nov 15

Session 2: 21 Oct 15 – 9 Dec 15

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