Encinitas Union School District

We are very excited to begin our next Session of our SCIENCE/ENGINEERING ENRICHMENT PROGRAM to all nine schools in the Encinitas Union School District.

After School Program Overview

Classes begin April 25 (Spring Session)

Select your school to Register:

ALL NEW STEM projects this session!

  • 7 week session (Note: No class on Memorial Day)
  • MONDAYS – Paul Ecke Elementary
  • TUESDAYS – Capri Elementary & El Camino Creek Elementary
  • WEDNESDAYS: Olivenhain Pioneer & Flora Vista
  • THURSDAYS – Mission Estancia & La Costa Heights
  • FRIDAYS – Park Dale Lane Elementary

This sessions weekly projects include: 

We LOVE all things science and engineering! Come join us for your not-so-average science class where you put on some safety googles and get to know how all the sciency things work by designing and building a new project each week!

This session is all about THINGS THAT MOVE, CRASH, FLY and LAUNCH! 

Week 1: Pneumatic Machine

Students will design and create a simple machine that uses the power of air pressure to lift and lower a load!

Week 2: Crash Test Cars

Way better than an egg drop experiment! Students will design and build their own crash car, after learning all about car safety features that they can incorporate into their design. The little engineers will test their crash car with a real egg to see if it withstands the force and motion of sliding down a ramp!

Week 3: Rubber Band Helicopters

This isn’t any ordinary rubber band helicopter! Students will build and design their helicopter that can be flown 20+ feet in the air with a little practice!

Week 4: Pyramid Slingshot

Inspired by the ‘Viking Catapult’ this design is simple yet strong! Learn all about force and energy! Students will discover the pyramid slingshot harnesses the potential energy of stretched rubber bands and the structural strength of combined triangles.

Week 5: Propellor Zipline Racer

This lightning-fast project provides the thrill of propeller-driven thrust, but without the challenges of aerodynamic flight! Students can design their own racer that will actually help it from flipping upside down!

Week 6: Gliding Car

Students will learn all about how lift, drag, and weight can work together to create a working glide ratio by building their own glider car. Not only is it super cool, students will love testing it flinging it off the table to watch it glide and move on it’s wheels to stop on the ground!

Week 7: Zoom Ball

Ever wanted to play ball but had no ball?! Students will design their very own “ball” that zips down a line and whizzes back up again using inertia and two people! So much fun for everyone!

For registration please click on the school that you would like to register for our after school program.