Hawthorne Robotics Coding After School Program

Dash & Dot Robotics Coding Class (Grades 1-5)

Dash & Dot Robotic Coding

Session 1: May 3 – May 31

5 week Session

($65 for 5 weeks)

We are excited to introduce Dash & Dot Robotics Coding into Hawthorne Elementary!

Our robotic class will introduce coding concepts through challenges and puzzles.

Dash becomes a dancer, an adventurer, an artist, and even a musician that plays an xylophone all with coding! Dot is a little jokester and students will learn how to get them to interact with each other using distraction and persuasion!

Each week students will work through a challenge that will get them coding with trajectory, distance, angles and measurement just to name a few!

This after school class is all about fun!

(Don’t tell the kids they will not only learn all about coding but use lots of math too!)

No programming experience is necessary!

Please note that parents have the choice to pay fully ($65) or make two payments ($32.50)