Kate Sessions Elementary After School Program

Kate Sessions Elementary After School Program

Gizmos & Gadgets Kids Lab After School Classes are anything but ordinary. We have many one-of-a-kind classes available and are designed especially for kids in Grades K-5. The program is full of fun, educational and inspiring ways to help your children embrace the STEAM philosophy at Kate Sessions Elementary!

Robotic Coding (Grades 1-5)

We sincerely apologize – PLEASE NOTE dates below are correct (not those stated on the flyer)

Mondays: April 22 – May 13

4 week Session

:$60 for 4 weeks 


We are excited to offer Robotic Coding at Kate Sessions Elementary!

This robotic class will introduce coding concepts through challenges and puzzles. Dash becomes a dancer, an adventurer, an artist and even a musician that plays an xylophone all with coding!

Dot is a little jokester and students will learn how to get them to interact with each other using distraction and persuasion!

Each week students will work through a challenge that will get them coding with trajectory, distance, angle and measurement just to name a few!

This after school class is all about fun. Don’t tell the kids they will not only learn about coding but use lots of math too!



(If you are put on a waitlist we go in order – there are one or two cancellations so people do come off the waitlist usually!)